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Quinta do Forte Velho on Loures Odivelas Magazine 2022


LOURES magazine ODIVELAS (LmO) - We are here before a luxury that captivates just by looking at it. What do you highlight in "Quinta do Forte Velho Forte Velho" (QFV)?  

Rahim Lakhami (RL) - First of all, I would like to point out that this is our "Path to Paradise", a trail that takes us to the top of the property, from where we can see the Tagus River,Lisbon, Bucelas and Loures.  

Then I highlight the 36 fully furnished luxury villas and I highlight the epicenter of of this project: the Manor House, which has services such as a Gym, Spa, Events RoomRestaurant, Music Studio, Conference Room. Finally, the Sports Complex and playground. All these facilities are for the use of the guests of the village and the and the community.  



LEO - The QFV project has already created jobs to build it and will be, in the future a more labour-intensive venture to keep it in business. Can you give us some data about the dynamics of employability that the QFV has generated and will continue to generate?        

RL - Yes, it is as you say!... We started with architects, lawyers, and engineers, then later, in the construction phase, the need for technical know-how arose, such as builders,   painters, plumbers, electricians, and many others of a more operational nature operational,   which amounted to about 100 transitional jobs. As for the final project, this will create between   50 and 70 permanent jobs, to fill services of cleaning, laundry, gardening, catering, maintenance of the common space as well as those of a tourist nature, such as guided tours and drivers,   who can take you to the most emblematic spaces of the surrounding area.  

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LMO - What are the challenges that a project of this dimension faces?  

 RL - We understand that no project comes without challenges. Each project has its own unique set of problems. This project has a bad history, unfortunately, because of the pending and unfinished works. For example, we are working out with the Loures City Council and SIMAR de Loures-Odivelas, the issue of public water supply to the site, and it is our conviction that very soon our soon, our Tourist Village will have water, as well as our neighbors since this is a fundamental right for all.  

Regarding the project itself, we can conclude that our goals have been achieved, particularly in the intention to go further in the Bucelas, as a region of unique natural beauty, great peace and quiet, with hospitable people, a wine-growing history, and good and quick access to the city of Lisbon, the capital of the country. It was our concern, from the beginning, to create something new that would satisfy the interests of the territory, the community, ourselves and future guests of Quinta do Forte Velho, pillars that we think we have successfully achieved.  

I would like to mention the tireless help of Élio Matias project supervisor, who established the bridge with the Portuguese entities, and also the invaluable contributions of the Loures City Council Aldermen Nuno Dias, Nelson Batista and Vasco Touguinha, who always showed us the better way to integrate the Portuguese community. To all, my deepest thanks.